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Welcome to Advanced Watertek

Advanced Watertek is an industry leader in the production and supply of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems. For over 30 years we have been helping businesses and communities worldwide by providing safe and effective water treatment solutions. With a sound track record, we have worked across diverse industries and environments that include: vessels, barges, rigs, offshore platforms, hotels, accommodation units, factories, farms, refugee camps, defence establishments, peace keeping and many other operations.

We consistently deliver high quality products and services that have resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients over the years. With over 80% repeat business, we are able to build trust and effectively nurture long-term relationships, many of which have lasted over 25 years.

Custom Designed Quality

We custom design, build, install and service desalination plants, providing fresh water solutions across various industries and geographies. We have successfully installed over 700 units in over 34 countries worldwide, with many still in operation 20 years down the track.

Our robust quality assurance process has been ISO accredited by Lloyds. We also provide ABS approved Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants for marine application. In addition, we provide our own warranties, to further assure clients of the quality and high standards they can expect from us. If you have a clean water supply problem, contact our experts in Reverse Osmosis Systems via email or phone.

Clean Water through Reverse Osmosis System

Advanced Watertek supplies Reverse Osmosis water desalination systems that address any type of water treatment issue affecting industrial operation and supply. Reverse Osmosis Systems use membrane technology to remove impurities from water such as: sodium, zinc, mercury and many other contaminants. A Reverse Osmosis plant desalinates and purifies water to make it fit for human consumption.

Advanced Watertek offers the following product lines:

  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis systems – skid mounted and containerised
  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis systems – skid mounted and containerised
  • Ultra filtration, UV disinfection and re-use systems
  • Nano filtration systems for sulphate removal
  • Sanitary and potable pressure sets
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Spares and consumables for Reverse osmosis systems of any make and model
  • Authorised distributor for Myron L range of products

The Advanced Watertek Difference..

Advanced Watertek provides effective and safe water treatment solutions using the latest membrane based technologies.

To find out more about Advanced Watertek and our water treatment solutions, please contact us.


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