Advanced Watertek offers its clients assurance by providing warranties on all their RO Desalination Systems.

A comprehensive operator’s manual is supplied with all units and operational procedures are outlined by our technicians onsite at the time of installation. You can expect decades of effective operation with your AWT system, as experienced by hundreds of our satisfied customers.


General Warranty

Advanced Watertek guarantees the proposed system to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when operated in accordance with the written instructions, for a period of one year from start-up or thirteen months after receiving the product, whichever is shorter.

Parts not manufactured by Advanced Watertek are accordingly covered by relevant manufacturers’ warranties that are generally covered for 12 months.

Positive displacement pumps are guaranteed for 3,000 Hours or six months whichever occurs first.

It is the obligation of the user to maintain daily operating data records, (preferably) on the forms supplied in the Operating Manual. Copies of data records can be forwarded to Advanced Watertek at the end of the first month of operation and every second months thereafter. The user should notify Advanced Watertek at the first sign of change in operation of the Advanced Watertek system – such notification being in writing, accompanied by the immediate preceding data records.