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50 m3/day Watermakers for a Barge

Solution: Oil & Gas Offshore

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Client’s Challenge

Our client provides services to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry and to Offshore Marine Construction Companies. They own a fleet of AHT, AHTS, OSVs, Jack ups, Lift Boats etc, and is in the process of upgrading their fleet with Advanced Watertek watermakers to meet Oil companies’ strict guidelines for potable water parameters on contracted barges and rigs.

Their barges and rigs were initially installed with water makers manufactured by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) during the new build stage. They have faced numerous operational issues while using these machines because of a lack of support and spare parts, resulting in poor output water quality and quantity. Moreover, these watermakers were not producing the required capacity as they were designed for a low saline condition.

The client needed watermakers that supported the higher seawater temperatures in the Middle East for two of their barges used by a major oil company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our client required a reliable and durable system with minimum maintenance requirements.

Our client also wanted a solution to disinfect the water, as the fresh water was stored in tanks where there were chances for bacterial growth. As the barges were to sail within 3 weeks, prompt delivery was critical here.

Our Solution

Advanced Watertek solution was to design and commission 2 nos. 50 m3/day water makers to replace the existing systems on the two barges. We supplied and installed the systems on the barges in less than 3 weeks.

We designed a customised system that can be taken to the RO room through a small door without cutting off the door or hatch, as it would call for class approval. We also provided an Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system to eliminate any bacterial growth in the stored water. This helped the client avoid a more expensive and troublesome option of chlorine handling.

Our system was designed to operate at 42000 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and between temperatures ranging from 5 deg C to 38 deg C. The superior performance of the new systems coupled with our world-class after-sales support enabled and continues to enable the client to provide high quality potable water and overcome the delays that they had faced in their previous operations.

Advanced Watertek Scope of Work

  • System capacity:             2 x 50 tons/day RO system

  • Design TDS:                       42,000 ppm

  • Process guarantee:        Less than 500 ppm@25 degC

  • UV:                                      Designed flow rate- 20 m3/hr

Travel on-site

Advanced Watertek provides excellent after sales support. If any of our units require service or experience any complications, our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready provide on-site support anywhere worldwide.