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Potable Water Application for an Omani village

Solution: Municipality

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Client’s Challenge

One of our clients in the Sultanate of Oman and their end-client, a government entity in Salalah (Dhofar Governorate), experienced problems with one of their existing water treatment plants. They invited Advanced Watertek to come for a site visit, as the plant no longer provided potable water in line with the Omani Govt. standards for drinking water. The visit showed that the system had leakages and that the only working part in the pre-treatment was the cartridge filters.

The client needed a new unit, after pre-filtration, to treat the high saline water feed coming from bore wells located at various locations in the governorate. They wanted a complete package solution of high quality components, which would meet the requirements for drinking water quality set by the authorities.

Our Solution

Advanced Watertek designed, manufactured, supplied and commissioned a skid mounted reverse osmosis seawater solution, with UV post treatment, that transformed the raw water to safe potable water inline with Omani Govt. standards for drinking water. We ensured that the client received a complete package solution with high quality and robust components, and that we had a service and maintenance plan in place to avoid future breakdown of the system.

Advanced Watertek Scope of Work

  • System capacity:             2×275 m3/day

  • Design TDS:                  38,400 ppm

  • Process guarantee:           <500 ppm TDS @ 25 °C

Advanced Watertek provides excellent after sales support through their office in Oman. If any of our units require service or experience any complications, our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready provide on-site support anywhere worldwide.