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Ultrafiltration uf Water Treatment Membrane Technologies

The Ultrafiltration water treatment system, also referred to as the UF, is another variant of membrane-based technology, used by Advanced Watertek. Ultrafiltration systems are capable of removing a high percentage of microbes from the feed water. The process has modest energy requirements and offers a simple, chemical free, user-friendly method of treating water.

Ultrafiltration is considered an advanced pre-treatment method in case of open intake for seawater reverse osmosis plants where the conventional sand filtration may prove less effective. Ultrafiltration modules are also used to treat river water where feed water is prone to fluctuation in turbidity over seasons. We have successfully used this technology in our projects to produce drinking water from river water and other surface water bodies where the main challenge is not salt content, but other impurities that lead to microbial formation.

Several containerised Advanced Watertek ultrafiltration units are under operation in remote villages in Africa where they remain the only safe and reliable source of fresh water for entire communities.

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