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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas exploration companies are a key consumer of our fresh water making systems for rigs, barges, land based equipment and accommodation camps.

Our systems are currently operating in Angola, Western Africa, East Asia, Australia, North Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, Yadana Myanmar and the likes of Seadrill’s Dafaniya Field – the largest offshore oil field in the world.

Advanced Watertek has supplied custom engineered watermakers for the offshore Oil & Gas industry since 1984.

Hazardous zone sea water system for Occidental USA

Hazardous zone sea water system for Occidental USA

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Durability, minimal maintenance and reliability of our systems particularly suit the extreme conditions and workforce demands in the Oil & Gas exploration and drilling industries.

  • Production platforms, FPSO’s, FSO’s, FLNG’s, MOPU’s:- Zone 1, Zone 2 class equipments.
  • Drilling rigs, construction barges:- SAFE zone watermakers.

Our watermakers can be installed directly onto rigs as well as fitted onto accommodation barges and offshore supply ships.

  • Onshore oil camps:- containerized potable water units.

All our watermakers are engineered to:

  • Be reliable in the toughest conditions
  • Maximise unit life with superior components
  • Minimise maintenance requirements
  • Be easy to operate and maintain by on-site personnel

We also supply land based brackish and sea water desalination systems to Oil camps that provides a constant supply of fresh water when operating in remote locations like Turmenistan, Tanzania and the Libyan desert to name a few.

Our customised design options include:

  • Small and compact medium sized skid-mounted systems
  • Large containerised, trailer-mounted systems

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