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Water Treatment Systems – Machines Built to Last

By Production Manager Vikki Tandel

Our Production Manager Vikki Tandel has over ten years experience from water treatment system manufacturing. He joined Advanced Watertek in 2014, and has since then enhanced and honed a quality-focused and effective production team. He leads a team of highly skilled RO Technicians, Plumbers, Machinists, CNC Operators, Electricians and Fabricators. The team follows the machines’ development from the early design phase to the installation and commissioning at clients’ sites.

“The real design quality”

When we talk about the quality of Advanced Watertek’s systems, the focus on quality starts by designing machines that are safe to operate, user friendly, robust and reliable. We can promise high quality and reliable systems because we strive to understand our clients’ requirements and the conditions our systems will be operating in.

We always take additional safety measures during the design phase, and we always select the best components that we know are reliable and proven in the market.

“The real built quality”

“The real built quality” starts at the manufacturing phase: from the creation of the systems’ skeletons and piping. Here we use superior grade stainless steel (titanium coated) and SCH 80 duplex /super duplex materials, which is able to withstand extremely harsh environments and are non-corrosive. The fabrication is done by highly experienced, skilled and 6G qualified welder(s) who have track record of ZERO welding defects. At each stage of the manufacturing phase, we have mandatory checks including, for example, 100% radiographic test of welding joints.

Assembly and testing is done by experienced and George Fisher (GF) certified technicians who take care of the finest details of assembly. To make the system robust we always use stuff clamps, SCH 80 fittings from GF and SS316 fasteners. In addition we ensure that each fasteners are torqued as per recommendations.

Components used in our machines are imported from US and Europe. The components are proven and approved by us based on our 35 years of experience. To ensure the reliability and functionality of the machines we build and design, we always test each component above the given design parameters.

“The real safety quality”

Safety has the highest priority for Advanced Watertek; the safety of our clients and the safety of our employees. All our electric control panels have ABB components and we use marine grade cables to ensure no safety hazards on site. Also, the combination of electro mechanical devises makes the machines safe to operate.

“The real site quality”

On site, our plants are commissioned by our highly skilled and experts engineers and technicians who provide superior training on system operation & troubleshooting to our customers. Should any of our systems require service or experience any complications, our team of qualified technicians and service experts are always ready provide on-site support anywhere worldwide.

We understand the importance of water supply. Our aim is that our clients will experience a reliable and trouble free operation for years to come. Hence, to meet customer expectation we make the most robust, reliable & safe machines.